Rest, entertainment, traveling and discovery are closely linked to the HOLIDAY idea common to people who need to stop their daily routine and choose to relax, in our Sicilian sea. Today the dream of a magic HOLIDAY, combs the pleasure of the sun and sea with the legendary wonders of Sicily. This becomes reality in a short time upon reaching the Aeolian Islands, which in 2000 were awarded the title of “World Heritage” by UNESCO, as well as the beautiful coast of Taormina. The Aeolian islands the God of Wind, are places of intense mythological charm, you can encounter the theater of fire, lava, sulphurous vapors, the warm and relaxing breeze of the sea. The Sicilian tradition, that is rich of typical dishes and goliardic atmosphere, may be discovered in the heart of the seven wonders of the Aeolian archipelago:

  • Lipari
  • Salina
  • Volcano
  • Stromboli
  • Filicudi
  • Alicudi
  • Panarea

Sunsea, founded by Walter Rudolf Ansorge, has more than 40 years of experience of his own family in the field of tourism. The Ansorge family, of German origin, moved to Sicily in the early 60s and betting on tourism created the first resort on the island. Demanding businessman, Walter Rudolf Ansorge combines considerable experience in international marketing strategies, directly renting villas and apartments located on the north coast of the island close to Cefalù,. The successful synergies with several Sicilian hoteliers in the places became synonymous of excellence, such as the Aeolian Islands and the Bay of Taormina. Sensitive to the needs of its customers, attentive to sea safety, with the aid of experts on the Sicilian coast, Sunsea provides its boats to offer the opportunity to live a full vacation, between land and sea, cuddled by a multilingual staff and every amenity available.

Rent a motor boat with skipper

SunSea SRL offers a service of daily and weekly rental of boats with:

  • skipper included
  • pantry welcome
  • restaurants and hotels agreements
  • sheets and tablecloths
  • dishes
  • induction cooker
  • outboard engine for free tender


Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Extra services fee:

  • pick-up & drop-off from / to the main airports, bus stops and train stations a reliable driver

Service not included:

  • mooring charges at the customer’s expense


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